In this wonderful space we can guarantee you a wide choice with :
CANOPY BEDS : ( both vintage and reproduced , both in wood and wrought iron and painted )
BEDS CLASSIC : here you can pick the choice :
we have antique , wood carved , painted iron and inlaid with mother of pearl ; wrought iron reproductions .
BEDS COUPLES: Again, you can count on a remarkable range of styles and bills , although , when they are old , and has become increasingly rare to find nice beds in pairs:
We can fornirveli :
BEDS IN PLAY , wrought iron or painted ;
ANTIQUE BEDS : wood carved , painted iron and inlaid with mother of pearl ;
MATTRESS AND NETWORKS : From our site you can browse or download directly catalogs of the best companies in the industry, we have selected , and of which we are the representatives .
Or you can come directly to us and tell us about your special needs, we can certainly realize you .
A safe and proper rest is good for your health, both mental and physical .
BED HEAD : Also in this case we can offer you the opportunity to select and customize your bed : We ANTIQUE WOODEN HEADS , carved or painted ; HEADS IN ANCIENT IRON , painted or inlaid ; REPRODUCTION OF HEADS VINTAGE wrought iron , skilfully worked and sometimes painted in oil .